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Getting Hitched: Exploring Wedding Customs in Other Cultures


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This activity is designed not only an opportunity to learn about different wedding customs or practice language skills, but it also gives you a chance to negotiate and make compromises.  Its no mistake that said compromises are regarding (sometimes) deeply held beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation.


Consider the following questions:


  • When you completed the WebQuest, were you flexible in your role, or did you insist on things being done to the specifications of the culture you researched?


  • If you were getting married to someone from a different culture, which of your own cultures customs would you be willing to sacrifice in order to make others feel more comfortable?  How would your family feel about possibly having unfamiliar food and ceremonies at your wedding?


  • What might be some reasons that people insist upon their cultures customs being followed in the context of marriage?


  • Are there other times when people from different cultures might need to compromise?