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Getting Hitched: Exploring Wedding Customs in Other Cultures


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This WebQuest is designed to help ESL students work on the four skills, while learning about the wedding customs of other cultures.  Students will also use the World Wide Web to research their topic and PowerPoint to present their project.



This WebQuest is designed for Upper Intermediate students in a high school ESL setting.  These students are from various cultures, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese.  It is a class of 15 students, ranging in age from 15-19.


These students are computer literate.  They understand the basic functions of word processing, and can effectively use a web browser and PowerPoint.  They are well versed in the use of e-mail and instant messaging.


Recent work in the class includes instruction on how to better utilize internet search engines.  There has also been ongoing content work regarding their respective cultures.


The goal of the class is to make a PPT presentation that exploits our work in the content area, integrating the four skills into the preparation and presentation of their area of inquiry.  Students will work in groups of three, depending on availability of materials.  Each individual will be responsible for their own research, then the pair will develop a compare/contrast piece that will be presented in PowerPoint.





  • Content:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of wedding customs from different cultures.


  • Language: Students will demonstrate their listening, reading, writing and speaking ability by researching internet articles, discussing their findings, giving student presentations and deciding how to integrate the data into a final recommendation.  These activities will be based on their comparison and contrast of different wedding customs.


  • Computer: Students will demonstrate their ability to practice web searching skills, saving favorite websites in a folder, and creating PowerPoint presentations.  They will develop and/or refine their oral presentation skills.


  • Cultural: Students will better their own understanding of the wedding customs of cultures other than their own.  They will research the different elements of wedding ceremony and custom in a culture of their choice, then they will attempt to integrate the customs of two different cultures into one wedding ceremony.






      Computer needs: 4-8 computers equipped with Windows 98 or higher, Internet Explorer, Word and PowerPoint.


      Classroom materials: LCD projector for presentations.