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Getting Hitched: Exploring Wedding Customs in Other Cultures


Overview | Introduction | Quest/Task | Roles | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion | Credits
Credits and References

This WebQuest was made by Chris Dussault and Emmanuel Batungwanayo as a requirement of CALL course GSL 520 in the Summer 2003 at Saint Michaels College. It wouldnt have been possible without the guidelines that we got from the WebQuest Page, and the use of Tripod. Our special thanks also go to all our classmates their support during our class.

Above all we thank Christine Bauer-Ramazani, our instructor. It is thanks to her class, office conferencing and email advising that we acquired all the skills that led to this website.



We were also inspired by the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding  in our choice of the topic.


Our images were borrowed from these generous folks:

Yahoo! Movies

The Simpsons



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